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ACLA Roller Guides

The ACLA-Roller Guide program includes various models of roller guides designed for high-speed electric and hydraulic lifts. The base supports made of special alloy or steel assuring an excellent stability of the complete roller guide units. The rollers made of the high-quality polyurethane elastomer ACLATHAN offer the following advantages for the application:
  • low rolling resistance
  • high loading capacity
  • excellent abrasion and wear resistance
  • low oscillation on account of high concentricity
  • silent running
  • maintenance-free
  • oil-resistant
  • minimum compression set (flattening) after temporary standstill
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Adrail – Escalator Handrail Advertising

Escalator handrail advertising is an exciting and innovative way to put your message in the hands of millions. When given an option 80% of the public use escalators opposed to stairways, with an average duration of 30 seconds in transit. Studies have shown an impressive 54% of escalator passengers recalled the brand name advertised on ADRail.
  • Vibrant Colours
  • High Resolution
  • Maximum Coverage Glossy Finish
  • Antimicrobial
  • Durability UV Stability
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Quick Installation/Removal
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AMRail – Antimicrobial Escalator Handrail

Globally, escalator handrails are often listed among the top ten surfaces where the public is directly exposed to germs and other harmful bacteria. Antimicrobial handrails are equally important for passenger safety, as holding the handrail is one of the best ways to defend against accidental falls. AMRail not only defends passengers, it prevents the accelerated growth of bacteria that can cause product deterioration.
  • 70% of consumers stated that they would be more likely to hold a handrail that was antimicrobial
  • Effective, non-toxic & durable.
  • Recyclable
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Atwell Governor

As a primary component in the safety of the lift, the existing over speed governor should comply with the current standards in operation and accuracy and if there is any doubt then they should be replaced. The new VG OSG is designed to meet the requirements of: BS EN81-1:1998+A3:2009 – safety Rules for the construction and installation of lifts: Section: 9.9 – Overspeed governor BS EN81-80:2003 – Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts – Existing Lifts – Part 80: Rules for improvement of safety of existing passenger and goods passenger lifts. Significant Hazard number 50 – No, or inadequate safety gear and/or overspeed governor of electric lifts. Clause No. 5.9.2, priority level “High”. This VG OSG governor can be used to full fill the following requirements of EN81-1:1998+A3:2009: Section 9.8 – Safety Gear Section 9.9 – Overspeed Governor It will also provide the means to comply with sections Section 9.10 – Ascending car overspeed protection means Section 9.11 Protection against unintended car movement When used with other VG safety products it will provide full compliance with all the latest regulations of EN81-1:1998+A3:2009 Visit Website: Atwell International

Atwell Rope Brake

The VG rope brake is a versatile unit that can be used as either a single or bi directional brake and is CE certified by BSI. The brake operates on the lift ropes and is designated as a “movement prevention” or “speed reducing” means in compliance with EN81-1 1998 clause 9.10. The VG rope brake combines the proven technology of “drop-jaw” type governors with the patented VG linkage mechanism. The brake operates in a similar manner to a VG safety gear except that it has one fixed jaw and one moveable jaw or “drop-jaw”.
  • Provides over-speed protection in both directions
  • Prevents uncontrolled movement of the lift with doors open when used with a UMD-SRB01 controller
  • Can be mounted either side of the traction sheave in any position – horizontally, vertically, at any angle and even inverted
  • Its electromechanical design means it is fail-safe
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Atwell Safety Gears

VG Safety Gears consist of a pair of end assemblies, which can bolt directly to the buffer channels or car frame. Each end assembly has two spring loaded linkage mechanisms, which carry and engage the friction gibs. The linkage mechanisms are designed to centralise the safety gear when it is engaged. This feature, in conjunction with large running clearances, means that VG Safety Gears can be used with spring loaded roller guide shoes, sliding shoes or solid rollers.
  • 6 mm running clearance both sides – suitable for roller guide shoes or sliding shoes
  • Certified for both lubricated and dry rails on class one guide rails
  • All single models can be duplexed to double their braking capacity
  • VG safety gears can be inverted to prevent “upward falling”. Either tandem mounted or separately mounted
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Automatic Folding Car Doors

We supply all models of Fermator Automatic Folding Car Doors for residential lifts.
  • High performance rollers and guide shoes
  • Smooth performance
  • High reliability of all components
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Beam Sensors

The VG Beam & Mini Beam sensors provide an accurate and reliable solution for controlling the load in all types of lifts. It’s unlimited capacity makes it the perfect solution for installations with extremely high loads.
  • accurate and reliable solution for controlling the load in all types of lifts
  • unlimited capacity
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Bedframe CCP Sensor

The CCP sensor provides an alternative solution for controlling the load in installations where it is not possible to install other devices. The fact that this device can be used with all types of roping 1:1, 2:1 & 4:, make it a good alternative solution in complicated installations. Two different versions CCP-2000 and CCP-4000 for 2000Kg and 4000Kg loads.
  • Calibration with test weights
  • High capacity.
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Blain Accessories

We supply full range of spare parts and accessories for Blain hydraulic equipment including coils, seal kits, flow guides, solenoids, adjustment screws, pressure switches and many more.   Visit Website: Blain Hydraulics

Blain Door Lock

The L10 pressure lock value is a solenoid operated check valve designed for the hydraulic elevators and includes a self closing manual lowering valve. Its purpose is to allow free flow of oil from the pump unit to the cylinder for upward travel and to prevent flow in the reverse direction from the cylinder to the pump unit until and electrical signal is given to the solenoid.
  • designed for the hydraulic elevators
  • includes a self closing manual lowering valve
  • allow free flow of oil from the pump unit to the cylinder for upward travel
  • prevent flow in the reverse direction from the cylinder to the pump
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Blain EV100 Valve Block

Blain valves for hydraulic lifts – excellence in simplicity and performance.   Visit Website: Blain Hydraulics