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Shunt Board

This Shunt Board by Dewhurst allows the re-use of existing wiring and also reduces labour time when producing complete fixtures or during installation.
  • A variety of circuits and connector options available (Otis, Schindler & Thyssen)
  • Retain existing button wiring
  • Reduce installation time
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CJ10 Flasher/Buzzer For Lifts

The CJ10 Flasher/buzzer is used to draw passenger attention to visual notices and warnings (e.g. Overload, Out of Service) and is used in conjunction with the Dewhurst hidden legend indicators. The DewhurstCJ10 is a single PCB comprising solid state circuitry and a one-piece terminal connector.
  • Single PCB comprising solid state circuitry
  • The CJ10 flasher unit is particularly useful for showing "overload" or "out of service" conditions
  • If an audible warning is required, the Dewhurst CJ10 I also available with an integral buzzer
  • Suitable for an a.c. supply or a smoothed d.c. supply
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