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Adrail – Escalator Handrail Advertising

Escalator handrail advertising is an exciting and innovative way to put your message in the hands of millions. When given an option 80% of the public use escalators opposed to stairways, with an average duration of 30 seconds in transit. Studies have shown an impressive 54% of escalator passengers recalled the brand name advertised on ADRail.
  • Vibrant Colours
  • High Resolution
  • Maximum Coverage Glossy Finish
  • Antimicrobial
  • Durability UV Stability
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Quick Installation/Removal
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AMRail – Antimicrobial Escalator Handrail

Globally, escalator handrails are often listed among the top ten surfaces where the public is directly exposed to germs and other harmful bacteria. Antimicrobial handrails are equally important for passenger safety, as holding the handrail is one of the best ways to defend against accidental falls. AMRail not only defends passengers, it prevents the accelerated growth of bacteria that can cause product deterioration.
  • 70% of consumers stated that they would be more likely to hold a handrail that was antimicrobial
  • Effective, non-toxic & durable.
  • Recyclable
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Custom. Unique. Permanent. Our BrandRail handrails offer a permanent branding solution for logos, safety messages or graphics. Whether applied to EHC’s black antimicrobial handrails, or custom colour choices, BrandRail is sure to capture an audiance
  • Endless personalisation possibilities
  • State of the art digital printing process produces rich colours.
  • Permanent branding solutions
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SafeRail handrails offer permanent safety signage solutions. Customers can select safety brands from a wide variety of preconfigured safety designs and messages, or design their own to meet local code requirements. Whether in busy transit systems, shopping malls, department stores or airports, SafeRail is sure to encourage safe and responsible escalator use.
  • Wide variety of safety messages and symbols to choose from.
  • Available on handrails of any colour.
  • Available in any language.
  • Recyclable
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Thermoplastic Urethane Handrails

World’s 1st Recyclable Handrail. Thermoplastic urethane handrails provide diverse solutions for all of your custom requirements. Being the world’s most popular escalator handrail, NT3000 combines unique aesthetics, durability and ease of installation while being kind to the environment. NT3000 is straighter than other handrails and requires less energy to travel through escalator drive systems - making it the most energy efficient escalator handrail available. Smooth tracking ensures optimum alignment and operation of all handrail drive components.
  • Smooth tracking ensures longer operational life of all handrail & drive components
  • Easy to clean – no harsh solvents required.
  • Engineered to meet environmental standards
  • Superior vandalism resistance.
  • Recyclable
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