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ELSCO Accessories

Genuine Elsco roller wheels are the contractor’s best option for replacement parts for original Elsco equipment. No other aftermarket replacement roller offers the same combination of superior materials, precision engineering and quality control.
  • Neoprene rubber roller wheels
  • Precision ball bearings
  • Eccentric wheel axle bolts
  • Durable structural components
Visit Website: ELSCO

ELSCO Flex Mount

ELSCO’s new Flex-Mount adapter plates are designed to flexibly allow ELSCO roller guides to mount on a wide variety of elevator bolt patterns. There is no need to take accurate measurements, create drawings, or fabricate custom parts or wait for long fabrication lead times. This unique and easy solution minimizes elevator downtime and saves you valuable time and money. Visit Website: ELSCO

ETN and ACLA Rollers

We supply a wide range of rollers for the lift industry. All rollers have a coating with a small rolling resistance. It is noise and oscillation absorbing with the least settling phenomenon of all highly loadable elastomers and has an excellent resistance to wear. It is also resistant to fat and oil. Visit Website: ACLA Visit Website: ETN