It’s Lift Off! Rebranding LMA

The team at Lift Material were delighted to host our Year End Open Day on the 15th of December 2023!

A major rebrand activity took place, with new branding incorporated throughout the building, the refreshed livery of our vehicles, and a new look across our website and social media channels in line with Dewhurst Group Plc. It all looks clean and modern!

It was an incredible effort from the team to bring everything together for the day. The past couple of months have involved disruptions to our day-to-day activity, including preparing a display room to showcase our range of product solutions – across existing and new suppliers we’ve brought on board. Truly exciting times for all involved!

As Halen Brown, General Manager Lift Material stated:

Team LMA – I want to thank you for all your hard work in making the re-brand and open-day event possible today. Over the past few months, we have faced many disruptions to our daily work routine, with contractors coming and going and plenty of other hurdles. Thank you for your support in getting everything prepared for today’s event, I know it wasn’t an easy task.

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We are readying our E-Commerce offering. An outstanding platform that will enable our customers to access product information easily, order products smoothly, and get access to detailed information. Consequently, we can proactively support you in completing your projects efficiently.

Lastly, we really appreciate our customers taking time out from their days at a busy time of the year to learn of our plans, enjoy some downtime, and look forward to the opportunities 2024 will present.






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